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Frequently asked questions
Here you see frequently asked questions and it's answers.

  • Question: Why not the print screen key? Or: Why should I use Shotty?

    Answer: Conventional methods to create screenshots will include the background in the screenshot. That's why you see the desktop wallpaper on most screenshots in the internet. For many situations (for example blog posts, presentations) this is unpleasant. With Shotty you can create semitransparent screenshots. With this your homepage background will be visible through the semitransparent regions of the screenshot instead your desktops wallpaper, for example. Here you can see some examples for this.
    Furthermore with Shotty you can edit and upload your screenshot to the internet.

  • Question: Shotty doesn't take transparent screenshots for me. Why not?

    Answer: This may have several reasons. In each case you need to run Shotty on Windows Vista or newer with enabled Aero Glass for this. Please check if this feature is enabled in Shotty. Do a right click on Shotty's system tray icon and verify "Hotkey action" - "High quality" is checked. Click on the application you want to capture and press the hotkey. If you use version 1.0 the only way to create semitransparent screenshots is to use the hotkey.

  • Question: If I start Shotty it says the hotkey is already in use. What can I do?

    Answer: Maybe another application is using the hotkey already (default is [CTRL]+[PrintScreen]). This is not a problem. Right click on Shotty's system tray icon and select "Hotkey action" - "Change hotkey". Here you can change the Hotkey Shotty uses. Alternatively you can close the application that uses the hotkey and restart Shotty.

  • Question: I can't take HQ screenshots with the system tray icon (button is gray). Why?

    Answer: Please do not let Windows hide Shotty's tray icon. Shotty needs to determinate the last active window. This happens if you hover the symbol with your mouse cursor. If the icon is hidden you need to click on your taskbar, which causes the taskbar to become active, not the application you want to capture.

  • Question: My question is not listed in here. What can I do now?

    Answer: Feel free to ask your question in our support forum, or write me an e-mail. Both addresses are located on the help and support page.