Shotty - Tiny but impressive screenshot utility

On this page you will see details about the features Shotty provides

Shotty is not just a screenshot utility like many other. It is just what you need, not more, not less. It lets you easily take screenshots from what you want, only from an application or from your entire screen (or if you have more than one monitor attached you can choose if you want to take a screenshot from all monitors together, only from monitor 1 or 2 and so on).

More than this you can easily save the generated screenshot, copy it to the clipboard, print it, upload it to an image hoster on the internet or even edit the screenshot before.

Take a screenshot

Shotty: Screenshot methods

You have 2 ways to create a screenshot. You can either click on the application you want to create a screenshot from and press the hotkey (default is [CTRL] + [PrintScreen]). But you can also click on Shotty's tray symbol (with a left click, see image). A window pops up where you can choose how you want to create a screenshot; from the entire screen, a region of your screen or from a single application only.

Shotty: Select screen

Click on "Screen" to create a screenshot of your entire screen. If you have more than one monitor attached to your system you will get a window (see image) where you can choose what you want to capture, all screens or only a specific one.

You can create a screenshot from a selected region also. Click on "Region" and select the region you want to capture with your mouse.

Shotty: Choose screenshot

Only Windows XP or newer: You can take screenshots from a single application, too. For this it makes sense which operating system version you use. On Windows XP you only have the LQ method. You will get a list with screenshots from the windows that are currently visible (see image).

If you use Windows Vista or Windows 7 and have Aero Glass enabled (the taskbar and titlebar is semitransparent) you have also the option to create a screenshot from the current application in high quality (HQ). While LQ screenshots are always created with the Vista Base Theme (not transparent) HQ screenshots keep the aero effects intact, like semitransparent title bar and the shadow.

Click here to see some examples.

The screenshot editor

Shotty: Edit your screenshot

If you don't want to save, upload or copy your screenshot right now you can edit with the internal screenshot editor. With it you can edit your screenshot and upload, save, copy or print it from there when you are finished. If you want to edit your screenshot, feel free to play around a bit. You can undo your changes. If you are finished simply apply your changes.

Diffuser: If your screenshot contains sensitive information's like text or images you can choose a region that should be diffused (blurred). You can choose the factor for this. A value of 4 should be enough for text; you may need a larger value if you want to make images unrecognizable.

Textmark: Just like with a text marker you can choose regions on your screenshot that you want to highlight. Select the color and the region you want to highlight.

Rectangle: If your screenshot contains a region that you want to highlight you can do this if you draw a rectangle over it. You can specify the fill- and border color, and of course the border width.

Crop: Sometimes you don't need the whole screenshot. With the crop tool you can select the region of the screenshot you want to keep.

Text: Of course you can draw a text to your screenshot also. You can choose the font, it's style and the size. Also you can choose a blur color to increase the contrast for the text. As soon as you have selected the text tool you can type your text directly on the image. Click to draw the text to the image if you are finished.

And finally...

You don't need a screenshot (or anything else) if you want to discard it if you get it. It's your choice what to do now.

Shotty: Your screenshot is uploaded

Upload: Uploads your screenshot to an image provider into the internet. so you can easily show your screenshot to other peoples using messengers, forum or your homepage. With the configuration you can chose the image provider you want to use and exit it's settings, which is maybe required.

Save: Saves the screenshot on your computer's hard disk. You can chose the file format (Bmp, Gif, Jpeg, Tiff, Png) but Png is recommended because the lossless compression and it's smaller file size. Only Png and Tiff are able to save transparency.

Copy: Copies the screenshot to your clipboard so you can easily insert into other applications. Sad but true only few applications like Microsoft Office supports semitransparent clipboard images, that's why the transparency may get lost.


Shotty is a small application and easy to configure. Simply do a right click on Shotty's tray symbol to open the context menu. From here you can configure Shotty's settings.

For example you can chose what should be happen with the screenshot by default. Also you can opt in that the upload configuration will pop up right before the upload. Shotty can also change your Aero Glass color for you during screenshot. Other features like automatically save the screenshot to a chosen location are configurable, too.

With the context menu you can also reach the history for previously uploaded images and the online services where you can configure automatic updates and send feedback.

Shotty: Choose aero glass color Shotty: Extended settings Shotty: Screenshot history Shotty: Upload configuration